The Cincinnati Bengals have finally released their new uniforms and its been a long time coming. It’s been 17 years since the Bengals last made any changes to their iconic look. Now yes the new look is different but the most iconic part will stay the same, that is the striped helmet. Between the three new uniforms there are about seven total combos they could wear between the jerseys and pants. The team had made it known that some of the inspiration for these new jerseys came from the success of the teams 2016 Color Rush Jersey.


As for noticeable changes, we see the font of the numbers is a bit sharper than it used to be. Also, the Bengals primary logo was removed from the chest and replaced with the Bengals wordmark. Added on the inside of the neckline is the signature of the teams founder Paul Brown.

As seen above there are three different pants that can be mixed and matched. After looking at the leaked pictures a few months back I was uncertain about the design. But now that we can finally see the whole set for what it is I would say the Bengals did a pretty good job with these.

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